Awarded the second prize in the Open Data Challenge at MRS Spring Meeting'19!

April 24, 2019

Our team of students and professors from ECpE and ME departments of Iowa State University won the second prize in the Open Data Challenge organized by Materials Research Society and Citrine Informatics at MRS Spring meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

This competition was geared toward students passionate about machine learning and materials science to help unlock the power of open scientific data. The participant teams were supposed to develop their own materials data set, and apply materials informatics to that data set to learn something new, whether it’s previously unknown correlations in process–structure–property linkages, a promising new material that meets a desired performance target, or a machine learning model that approaches experimental or computational results.

Our team curated a dataset of 2D binary morphologies and made it publically available along with providing open source python toolbox for data usage, and proposed a novel set of deep generative models trained on the data. Our submission got selected as top 3 finalists and team was invited to talk about the work at MRS Spring meeting.

Our team were awarded second place at award ceremony at MRS meeting, while the teams from Stanford and MIT won the first and third place respectively.

Viraj Shah (3rd year Ph.D. student working with Dr. Hegde at DICE Lab, ECpE Dept) presented the work and received the award on behalf of the team.

The team includes: